Violet Ray, from Cleveland, Ohio I was approached by the band to record their EP, but they hadn't even played a show yet. So, after meeting with them I was sure that I knew the type of recording that they were looking for. Loads of energy and attitude. Songs full of social commentary. Self-empowerment! I have always loved bands and scenes that were supportive, took a stand, and promoted personal growth, so I took on the project.

We started with the drums. BIG DRUMS played by a big drummer, Ryan. Very well tuned, very well played. I knew the session was going to go well as soon as he started to warm up. The bass drum is 26 inches and the kit sounds like what Bonham would have played....The trick was to capture the sounds well in a basement. The band played along (with amps in different rooms), so the band was playing together with Ryan for the songs. On the technical side, I used the following mics and preamps: AT803, Audix f15, SM57 Beta, AKG D12, AKG D112, GAP Pre 73 MKIII, Black Lion Audio B12a, and Audient.

We then moved on to guitars. Billy's sound was easy to imagine when he described it, so we used my 1973 Traynor YBA 1 though a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. Super smooth tracking, as well. This was the proof that the best sounds come from the best sources. As I said in my bio: I have never heard a modeling amp or plugin emulation that sounds as good as the real thing. That is why I have the real things. Technical info: Cascade Fathead ribbon mic and EV 635a mic into Audient preamps.

Then we recorded Mike's guitars, which is on the left of the recordings. He was so smooth and easy with his playing, but that fits with his personality--think it through and go with it. It is great to have players that are very comfortable, which is what I try to provide with mobile recording (it was also his house, too). He recorded through the 2 half stacks in the picture--a Dimebag and a Kerry King signature Marshall JCM800, respectively. The sound was even good when I was outside of the house.... Technical: Cascade Fathead ribbon mic and SM57 into Audient mic preamps.