gear and recording photos

Gear List:


Focusrite 18i20

Tascam 1641


Audient ASP 800--8 channels, including Mosfet and Transformer inputs with 2 DI

Warm Audio WA412--4 mic API 312 style preamps with 4 DI

Focusrite Scarlett (x8) with DI

Black Lion Audio B12a (API 312 style) and DI

Golden Age Pre73 mkIII (Neve 1073 style) and DI

Shure M67 (modded) x4

Shure M267 with "level loc" style limiters

Presonus Eureka (modded with Burr Brown opamps) x2 with DI

Akai M8 tube preamps x 2 (currently being serviced)

Altec Lansing 1611a (modded) 2 channels and DI


5 x Shure SM57

2 x Shure Unidyne 454

Shure SM57 Beta

Shure SM7b

2 x Oktava 219 (modded)

2 x Audix f15

2 x CAD E100 (prototypes from CAD)


2 x EV 1750

EV 635a

2 x Audio Technica 802 (AKG's EV 635a)

AKG D112

Audio Technica AT2020

--Many other mics, as well as access to many other well-known mics...SM7, Sennheiser 421, 414, etc....

Amps and Guitars

1980 Marshall JCM800 and matching 4x12 

1972 Traynor YBA1 with Scarborough mods

1968 Fender Bandmaster

1965 Silvertone 1482

Celestion Vintage 30 1x12 cabinet

Leslie rotary cabinet with 2 speeds (use the amp of your choosing)

1980 Gibson SGA

1975 Ovation UK II

Agile Harm (like a Rickenbacher)

1966 Hofner semi-hollowbody bass

1960s Tiesco solidbody bass

Other Misc for your use.....

1950s Farfisa Pianorgan

Several Accordions

28" Leedy Bass Drum from 1920 or earlier

Akai MPK Mini MKII with many instrument plugins

Tascam 424 4 track, for you DIYers

Grundig TK14 tube reel to reel deck 

Hammond Auto-vari64 1960s drum machine 






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