Services and pricing

With any package purchase, you will also get many other bonuses:

-I will have a page on this website for your release with photos and videos of the process

-You can sell your release on my website with 100% profit

-You can sell anything else related to your release (Merch and Tickets) on my site with 100% profit

-Promote shows via this website

-Free download/discount codes for any sort of promotion

-Link your sales website (on mine) to your website at no charge.  After all, merch makes tours and more albums possible...



If you have other inquiries about recording that are not listed here, please contact me in order to figure out the details and pricing.  If you have an idea about recording, such as traditional tracking, just contact me in order to figure out how we can make your plan happen.  

On site recording, mixing, and digital mastering

On Site Recording with Mixing (5 edits), plus digital mastering
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I will bring all of my recording equipment, record your performance, mix with 5 edits, and give you both the raw and mixed WAV files and MP3s. I will also give you a mastered version of your recording with 2 edits, which will give your performance a polished and completed sound, unify the project in terms of consistency, as well as ensure that your songs are heard at the same volume level as other recordings. Tracks will be delivered in WAV form, as well as MP3.

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All Day Recording
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I will come to your location as early as you need me and stay as long as you need, bring all of my equipment, set up, and record you and your band all day. This is for the raw recording product that we produce and I will give you raw WAV files from the whole recording day. For this product, mixing and mastering will be $25 per hour, unless we agree upon a set amount for these services. Contact me for more information if you have questions.

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Call or text: 216.202.3155