Tis the season....For RECORDING!

Greetings to everyone, 

Tomorrow, I will be meeting with Violet Ray at their house in the Cleveland area for a planning meeting about their upcoming recording.  I am excited, but have too many thoughts to express.  I hope that I will be able to ask the right questions and listen for the answers that will give the their insights and goals.  It is so easy to have aspirations of my own, but the bands' wishes are the most important!   I still currently play out and record,so I am in the same boat when it comes to publishing the music that I am a part of.  Most of all, I want the band to hear the recording and be proud, but there is SO much that goes into it in order to make that possible.  In terms of my own music, I was just mixing a song that will probably never see the light of day that I wrote and recorded nearly 4 years ago.  However, I was focused on improving something that I wrote and recorded in a serious rush.  I really should post before and after clips...Well, maybe I will....


On a completely different note, I have been thinking about the studio scene a bit....  I read, watch, and investigate a great deal about recording and find that there are several different teams.  One team are those who just want to dabble and that is it.   They don't even care if their music/recordings get out at all.  I can't relate to those in the sense that I always write and record with the intention that the songs will be heard by others.  Now, I am not the sort that writes songs FOR others, but my intention is for my songs to be of a quality that others SHOULD hear.  I really just want others to hear them...I don't even care if they buy them.  I just want the songs to be heard. I have no problem with this team....     

Another team is one that says that everyone should record with the best names in gear or it is utter crap.  Some of those names are Neve, Neumann, API, SSL, Universal Audio, and such.....  Well, those names are really nice and the sounds are even nicer, but LET'S GET REAL....(Go ahead with your "sour grapes" argument)  .At least in Cleveland, the only bands who are consistently being paid are COVER BANDS.  Cleveland IS NOT the "Rock-n-Roll Capital" any longer....it does not really support local music (please comment....I will answer).  People who play original music do it because they would do it regardless of being paid or not.  In fact, many times (this happened to me so many times and even recently) the bands playing a show will decide to give their pay to the band or artist that is on the road or who has traveled the farthest.  What I am saying is....When you go see 3 or 4 bands, there is a very distinct possibility that the 2 or 3 bands have decided to give all of their pay (often $25 or a little more) to one of the bands on the bill.  So, how are they going to pay for a studio who is charging thousands for a recording?!?!?  I will not charge for my recording like that ( I even barter for recording).  I also disagree with the notion that good sounds only are from studios and equipment that are $3000+/channel.   I just disagree.     As far as my approach....I want to always work on great sounding recordings.  I want great writing, great recording, and great impact.  Music is supposed to be impactful in some way--otherwise, why do it?!?!  As far as sound quality, I know that there is a difference between quality and the lack of quality.  I also think that we live in a consumerist society that really believes that name brands are the sole proprietors of quality.  Put it this way, do you think that your phone pictures are garbage because you don't own a Nikon?  Many people do.....I don't.

There is another team....who believes is merit.  I am on that team.  I love those who create for creation's sake.  They must create.   I also love those who create because they are compelled to do so.  It is the character of the creator.  That is the best.  I always want to be around that and it motivates me to do more, do better, and encourage others to do the same.  The drive that is internal and infectious.

Let me know what you think!  Feel free to disagree.  That is a way that I learn and also is a way for me to connect with those who can teach me something.

Best wishes to you.