Headed toward "normalcy" with a new studio and new gear!

Hey everyone, 

There are LOTS of new things going on.  Thankfully the pandemic seems to be heading in the right direction and I am now comfortable recording on-site again.  It is so exciting to look forward to meeting new bands, new people, and definitely hearing new music to record.  I am sure that there are many out there who have been waiting for the opportunity to record their new music!  Now on to the new info about what has been going on here!

Just to start, I have a load of new gear.  I have switched out to a new interface-- a Motu 16a, which allows me to use all outboard gear for recording.  I didn't really have much use for interface mic preamps, as I have plenty of just about every type of mic preamp, from transparent and clean to colored/vibey and everything in between.  Some of the mic preamps are very new, but others are from the 1960s. The Motu's analog to digital conversion is as good as anything out there, but also has 16 analog outputs, which allows me to do analog summing (also new).  

The biggest news is my new mixing/recording room.  I have built a recording studio in my house from the ground up and just spent a month of endless recording and mixing for February Album Writing Month (FAWM), which you can check out at www.fawm.org.  I LOVE the sound of the new room for recording and the mixes come together so much easier in this new space.  Very exciting, indeed.  I can certainly bring in a few people to record at the same time, bring in a drummer to lay down the drum tracks, or record overdubs.  Additionally, this will be a good place to iron out mixing specifics or finalizing a mix if you prefer to work that way.

Reach out via email or call/text me and we will work out what you would like to accomplish.  Best wishes to you!