I have played in touring bands based in the Cleveland area for years, and continue to do so today (with a band out of Michigan at the moment).  One of the ubiquitous questions that always arose was, "where were we going to record?"  Studios were the only option for a long time and I recorded in many of those (with varying results).  The issue that I found was that there was so much pressure with time, money, scheduling, and logistics, which affected the outcome and our feeling about the projects.  I always wished that there was a way to capture what we experienced when playing live or when we were developing new and exciting material.

     Today, there is a huge emphasis on digital recordings and "in the box" editing/modeling.  While I love the DIY sentiment of all of this, the recordings that really impacts me the most are those that are recorded with great sound sources and vintage equipment.  Moreover, I never have found that my acoustic drums or tube amplifiers can be accurately "modeled".  My recording philosophy is that the truer and fatter the signal going into the digital conversion, the better.  You can't fake the real thing--Great sound comes from a great sound source, good mic-ing techniques, and good preamps.

     I have invested a great deal in equipment that has been used to produce many great recordings, such as microphones, mic preamps, and amplifiers.  However, I do realize that the digital age is relevant, so I have many modern preamps, use great quality converters, and utilize many great plugins for "in the box" mixing and editing, 





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